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A nice flick with PLUS GSM SMS gateways (an old one)

I use this functionality occasionally, but find it very useful from time to time.
The following instructions are provided (mostly) for users of Plus GSM polish cellular operator.

Sending a text message (SMS) to an e-mail.

To send a text message from a mobile phone (in PLUS GSM network) to an e-mail (any provider), you need to send text directly to no. 119999 (double one and four nines). The message should consist of the following:

At the beginning of message you should put recipient e-mail address in round brackets, next the topic of the message, also in round brackets (this one's optional, the message doesn't need to have a topic), and finally the message contents. Here's an example of correctly prepared message:

(user@domain) (MessageTopic) Here's the message...

Maximal text message length for a phone is 160 characters (including the e-mail adress).
To have the ability to use this functionality in your phone, set the standard Text Message Center number for Plus GSM network, that is by default: +48 601 000 310

The number of e-mail of messages sent this way is unlimited. The fee for each message is equal to fee for an ordinary text message, accordingly to your price plan.

And the other way around...
In Plus GSM network it is also possible to receive messages sent from any e-mail box directly to your mobile phone, and read it as ordinary text message (no multimedia attachments are allowed).

Sending an e-mail to Plus GSM phone number as an ordinary text message (SMS).

You can send an e-mail to Plus GSM network user by setting the mail recipient address to (where each x sign marks the digit in
9-position recipient's phone number. The +48 is the international country prefix for Poland). Some e-mail box providers (e.g. do not recognize address with leading "+" sign as correct. In such case, just drop it :) The "48" at the beginnng of the address will do just fine.

Maximal e-mail message length is 620 characters ([plain text! watch out for HTML e-mail encoding] including the recipient address and message topic). If the message length is over 160 characters, the system will automatically divide it into few smaller ones.

The number of e-mails sent this way is limited, but no further information about specific numbers is given by the network operator.
The gateway is for non-commercial use only and the operator (Polkomtel S.A.) takes no responsibility for other provider's services based on this gateway.

Hope it works for you as fine, as it works for me.

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